Finally, the Wait is Over! #DeepVeer Wedding Pics are Out Now

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Wait for official #DeepVeerWedding photos is finally over now! That's true! Most of the people across the globe must have seen Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's moments from their straight out of a fairytale wedding by now. Especially the ones who are active on social media must have seen at the moment Ranveer Instagrammed it. The most trending duo Deepika-Ranveer tied the knot on November 14 and 15 even though they made their fans wait for long but also they treated fans with their wedding photographs. No wonder, it feels like a relief after such wait.

Not one but two photographs of the couple are finally out, and they’re as gorgeous as the fans were expecting it to be. Deepika is looking astounding whereas Ranveer is looking equally fascinating. Now, this is what we call the match made in heaven, and their photos are sure to melt your heart.

The above photograph is from the Konkani wedding. And, hearty laugh of Deepika and Ranveer is making it almost impossible for fans to take their eyes off the couple.

And, the other one is from the Sindhi wedding. Engrossed in a conversation and the way Ranveer is looking at Deepika is what makes the photo picture perfect.

One more breathtaking news for #DeepVeer fans is, in just over an hour, Padukone's post crossed the record previously set by Virat Kohli. In December, Kohli's wedding announcement post was considered crazy viral when it had garnered over 3,250,000 likes in 15 hours. And, Deepika's post already has a huge number of likes.

Agreed that both the pics worth more than a million bucks and fans were waiting for the pics so eagerly. Yet, no surprise that the fans cherished the pics in their way but mostly with memes.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1063088425404952577&








#DeepVeer Wedding Pics are Out Now

Clearly, #DeepVeer has set the example for relationship goals for several couples across the world.