The Film 'Kaante' By Filmmaker Sanjay Gupta Is Set For a Sequel

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A famous movie maker Sanjay Gupta, who makes the thriller and action movie Kaante in 2002, is now all set to make the block buster sequel of the film.

Maker of the film Sanjay Gupta announced to bring superstar Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, and Mahesh Manjrekar back in the sequel of the Bollywood movie ‘Kaante’. The director of the film is also planning to add a special item song by the item queen ‘Malaika Arora Khan’.

Director Reveals That Sanjay Dutt Set To Make Come Back In the Sequel

The director Sanjay Gupta also said that he has already spoken to Munna Bhai about the movie and they will further discuss all the details of the film ‘Kaante’ once the actor Sanjay Dutt is released from jail.
The director Sanjay Gupta says about Dutt- "Yes, he knows about it. We are working on the script together. We have discussed it in detail. Even when he wrote to me (from jail), he said, ‘In my head, I am thinking and thrashing out what more we can do with it.’ Even before he went in, we were working on it."
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Sanjay Gupta Says the Sequel Will Be a Treat for ‘Kaante’ Fans

"We have a fantastic script. Since, in the first movie, all three had died by the end, you will have to suspend your disbelief when you watch the sequel. We are starting the film saying, ‘What if they were alive? If they hadn’t died and met 15-20 years later, what would happen?’ For Kaante fans, this film will be a treat" said by the film maker ‘Sanjay Gupta’ about the film.
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