Farkhan Akhtar and Nargis Accept Hrithik’s Bang-Bang Dare!!

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Hrithik Roshan’s Bang-Bang dare has become quit a zeal these days in the B-Town. The stars are taking the Bang-Bang actor’s dare sportingly and hence after daring a series of actors from Priyanka Chopra, Farah Khan, Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor to Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik challenged some other bollywood actors as well, take a look!

Hrithik’s dare to Nargis Fakhri

Yes Nargis, the yaar na mile babe has become the latest celeb to take up Hrithik’s challenge. Hrithik had dared Nargis to put up a rap song, by tweeting, “To d 1who actually stimulated my #bangbangdare idea, @NargisFakhri girl frm d hood, shoot a RAP in a style only u can! V want crazzy!Accept?”

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Without wasting much of her time, Nargis uploaded her rapping video personifying her journey from New York to bollywood. The lyrics of Nargis’s rap goes somewhat like, “I remember the time i had holes in my shoes, now look at me in b-town chillin with the who’s whos!” Well with a beautifully narrated story rap, Nargis has added her name in the list of Hrithik’s Bang-Bang dare list.

Next Hirthik challenged Farhan to cycle down in his skdiving suit!

Together with all of the other actors, Farhan Akhtar also turned to accept Hrithik’s dare. Farhan Akhtar — ‘jumps off a plane/runs like d wind! But cn he do both?My #bangbangdare @FarOutAkhtar – run/cycle down bandstand in ur skydiving suit!ACCEPT? Said Hrithik! To which Farha replied ‘ ‘@iHrithik how can we contend no to this ‘extreme’ dare.. Hahahaha. You’re On! How prolonged do we have?’ Later than he put a video of himself cycling down in a white skydiving suit.

Starting from Priyanka’s handstand, to Ranveer’s Krish tribute till Farhan’s cycling in skydiving suit, all we can say is, Hrithik’s dare giving spree for his movie Bang-Bang is going well taking the B-town at its knees!