Farah Khan eulogizes Deepika, as a Kohinoor!!

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Seven years back the ace director Farah Khan launched Deepika Padukone in the industry with her film ‘Om Shanti Om’, now when asked about her the actress; Farah appraises Deepika to be a polished diamond!!

Recently during the promotion of their upcoming film ‘Happy New Year’, Farah Khan articulates that Deepika has tremendously grown as an actor

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Look what Farah has to say about her Kohinoor!

"She has really grown as an actress. She was a rough diamond when she started her career in 2007 but in these seven years I feel she has become a polished diamond. She is like my kohinoor,"

"She has not changed as a human being for me. We are still like mother and daughter. I feel the equation never changes with family no matter how big you become,"

Farah Khan and Deepika Padukone

When Farah was questioned who is the best dancer in the star cast? she joked, "Vivaan was the best and happy dancer in the film because he never tried to learn steps and did whatever he felt like during the shooting."

Happy New Year: Biggest and toughest film of Farah career!

"I feel this is the biggest and toughest film of my career. We had fun during the shooting of the film. It was tough to make them shoot together because they were busy in their own pranks," added the director Farah…