Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Falguni Plans a Trip for Ishani-RV

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In the latest episode of Colors TV series ‘Meri Ashiqui Tum Se Hi’ Amba serve sweets to Mr. Thakkar, to which de denies however accept the sweet when RV insists. Ishani forgets what Nitin told her to add on sweets and thus unwittingly sprinkles dried coriander on sweets, RV tast the sweets and as Ishani goes to serve it to the guests, to stop her RV takes the dish from her hands saying that it’s his favorite.

Ishani Adds Coriander to the Sweets in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

While Ishani waits for RV, Ranveer comes and says he is tired and thus going to take sleep. Ishani stops RV and tries to speak however stammers. RV asks him what she has to say? Ishani apologizes saying sorry, Ranveer asks her about the sorry, she says has to say so many things to him.

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RV’s stomach starts making noise, Ishani asks her for which he replies, why she made that sweets? RV tells Ishani that the sweets were pathetic due to which his stomach is upset.

Here Richika meets Dewarsh, who assures her to record a song with her. Dewarsh then promises Parul to take her for a dinner and also ask Richa for a treat.

Falgui Plans a Vacation for Ishani and Ranveer

Ishani lets Nitin know that she couldn’t say sorry to RV. During her talk with Nitin she comes to know that she sprinkled coriander on the sweets, for which Ishani becomes irate on herself. During the talk, Nitin remembers his daughter and assures Ishani that whenever she feels like talking to her dad she can come to him.

Falguni gives the booking of supreme resort of a hotel, so that they can spend time together.

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