What Change Would Everest Bring Into Lives Of Anjali & Arjun?

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In the upcoming episode of Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘Everest’ (Star Plus show) Anjali would finally step towards her dream to explore the peak of Mount Everest. Have a look who Anjali (Shamata Anchan), Akaash and Arjun would start their expedition.

Everest: Roongta Says, Without Arjun There Will Be No Expedition

Roongta informs Abhyankar at the airport that Arjun is not responding owning to the squabble that they had, and if he would not come, there would be no expedition without him. Here Anjali and Aakaash meet at the airport and joins Roongta and Abhyankar.

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At the last moment prior the last call of the flight, Arjun surprises everyone by reaching the airport, which makes Roongta feel comforted. Roongta talks to Arjun and assures him that he would protect him and no one would get to know about his past during the Everest expedition. At the same time a Narayan, a cleaning staff from the orphanage identifies Arjun however, Arjun overlook him. Later then Arjun inside the washroom calls to mind, all his moments send with Narayan in the orphanage.

Everest Serial: Arjun Recalls His Past in the Orphanage

Narayan coincidently meets Arjun again in Everest serial and he wishes Arjun, accepting that he now belongs to a different world. The team then meets Chand former reaching Kathmandu airport. Chand explains the trek the the team and the team set out for the flight of Lukla.

Arjun starts shivering, shaking inside the flight Anjali and Aakaash asks Arjun, and he lets them know that he gets paranoid in close spaces.

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