English Vinglish Earn $1 million Box Office Collection in Japan

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The veteran actress Sridevi's Bollywood comeback movie, English Vinglish has registered a huge amount of box office collection of $1 million in Japan. She was very agitated to this report.

After releasing in 33 screens at the start, the movie opened to audiences in another 17 odd screen to boot, selecting the overall screen count to 50 in across 20 cities in Japan, said a program line. The film, backed by Eros International, continues to do well at the box office after hitting theaters in Japan June 28.

Sridevi is very happy and elated with the dream run of the film, which tells a striking story of a home bound woman who doesn't know English and how an overseas trip helps her to bring out the best in him.

“I am flattered with all the love and affection the film continues to receive and once again thank the director Gauri Shinde for making such a wonderful film," she said.