Engineer's Day Special: 10 Bollywood Films Every Engineer Must Watch

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What’s the date? September 15, it’s Engineer's Day guys. Surely, engineering days were the best days of lifetime. And we did everything apart from studying engineering. One such important part of our lives was movies. We all were a big fan of Bollywood films.

Engineering brings back all our college memories. The fun, friendships, class bunks, canteen chai, proposals, breakups and the files. Let’s live all those memories again. Celebrate this day with your favourite films.

10 Bollywood Films Every Engineer Must Watch

1. 3 Idiots

must watch films for engineers

A cult classic film that each one of us has seen numerous times. You can relate to everything being shown in the film. Ragging, friends, bunks, parental pressure, results, love life and the ugly Director. Watch it again and feel those days back.

2. Udaan

must watch films for engineers

A story of a boy who is forced to pursue engineering by his father. He wants to become a writer but has no way out. We all have gone through such phase. But we find no choice than this. This story is about chasing dreams against all odds. A must watch. And remember guys it’s still not late.

3. Lakshya

must watch films for engineers

Lakhsya is for all those students who are still not able to decide their future. Indian trend is to become an engineer first and then decide what’s next. This film is for all those people who are trying to discover themselves. This movie inspires you to the core.

4. Swades

must watch films for engineersNo matter where we are, we all have a special place for our native land and wish for making contributions from our side for the betterment of the place. This film is about a NASA scientist who comes back to his village in India and forgetting about his career, brings a change in the village.

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5. Wake Up Sid

must watch films for engineersA must for students from all generations because we all are facing confusions after the end of college life. Old college friendships falling apart, failing exams, romances and break-ups, worn relation with parents, being clueless about the future and finally finding out the true calling. Wake Up Sid is one such movie which will evoke all these moments in you.

6. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

must watch films for engineers

Planning for an outing? No other movie can give you ideas apart from this. Go on this road trip with your friends and do all the craziness that you can. Because this won’t happen again. Watch the fun of these crazy friends on their bachelor party cum road trip to Spain.

7. Dil Chahta Hai

must watch films for engineersWe forget others while only concentrating on ourselves. This story of three friends is about their friendship, relationships and family and realizing the importance of everything at the end. Watch this film because you might also have left certain things behind.

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8. Pyaar Ka Punchnama

must watch films for engineersEvery engineer can relate to this. Unbreakable friendships, love affairs and the stuff you have to go through in relationships. That is what Pyaar Ka Punchnama is all about. You have your girlfriends calling infinite times despite knowing that you are busy in a meeting.

9. 2 States

must watch films for engineersTwo IIM students from completely different cultural backgrounds fall in love with each other. How does this love happens and their efforts to bring the families together. Most of you can relate to this. Let’s watch with your partner again.

10. Gangs Of Wasseypur

must watch films for engineersAnd last but definitely not the least, we have Gangs of Wasseypur. Because there is a ‘gunda’ inside each of us. “Teri Keh Ke Lunga”.

Make the list longer, give your suggestions and let us know how you celebrate this day.

Oh but wait, do you know why this day is celebrated?

It’s the birthday of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, known as Sir MV. He has received honorary awards and memberships from all over the world including “Bharat Ratna” and “British Knighthood”. For his outstanding contributions to the society, this day is celebrated in the honour of Sir MV.

Now you have the reason. Be proud to be an engineer because you earn it.