Emraan Hashmi Dialogues - The Mystery Behind his Great lines

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Emraan Hashmi formerly recognized as the best kisser of the Bollywood industry has done number of films. We also accept that the films signed by him in his beginning rarely turned as the blockbuster, but yes if we chat a lot more about his entire films, it is a mystery that how his every song of the film bowls over the head of every person.

Not only songs become the favorites among the crowd also his dialogues in the movies turned ON the mood of all. So here we are listing some of Emarran Hashmi Famous Dialogues.

Emarran Hashmi Famous Dialogues – Best of Him So Far!

Popular Dialogues from Jannat

If dialogues said by Emraan Hashmi in Jannat are seriously followed in real life, our life could be turned out towards more positive shot at any point. Take look on some of his dialogues.

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Joh soochta hai ... woh zindagi bar soochta hi reh jaata hai
Totally agreed! So guys don’t think anymore just move on towards your destination.
Main raaste badalta nahin hoon ... raaste banata hoon
Well said! Don’t change your way, create your own way.
Joh aadmi limit mein rehta hai ... woh zindagi bhar limit mein hi reh jaata hai
Think about yourself! You are born to break Rules, or you are born to live with limitations?

Popular Dialogues from One upon Time in Mumbaai

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Aadmi tabhi bada banta hai ... jab bade log usse milne ka intezaar kare
If your friends are waiting for you outside your home and you are thinking the same. Ohh! Cut the crap! Here lines are not meant for the same. LOL! Hope you understand what it means.
Yeh umar sudharne ki nahi ... bigharne ki hai
This line was said by Emraan to her girlfriend Prachi Desai in the movie became the popular dialogue that is still bowling over the crowd. Many a times these lines have been heard from the guys who are in relationship. It surely adds a fun mood in their romance isn’t it?
Aaj ka kaam kal par chhodonga ... toh aaj bura maan jayega
The lines have spoken the truth of life. Finish all of your work today itself no one is sure about the next day who knows Kal Hoga ya Nahi!
Koi bhi dhanda aadmi ki himmat se bada nahi hota
Well said! If you have the courage to face any brawl, you can do your best in every field.

Popular Dialogues from Rush

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Un logon ko kabhi kabhi opportunities milti ha, Johamesha opportunities ke talaash mein hote hai
Agreed! This is the best Emraan Hashmi dialogue, if you want to do something in life don’t look and search for any opportunity, simply trim the bars and create another opportunity for yourself.
Joaadmi risk nahin leta, uska sab kuch risky ho jaata hai
If you want something, Go for it and take a risk. Don’t always think of playing safe otherwise you will left wondering.

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