When Dr Said to Hrithik Roshan ‘If You Fly You Die’!

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Hrithik Roshan is a Real life Hero

Hrithik Roshan is all set up for his next release film Bang Bang, which is an action movie and Katrina is going to perform with Hrithik in this movie. While Hrithik is ready to rock the box office once again. But it was really not easy for him because of his health issues. This film is not going too easy for this honey eyes actor, because the doctor told him that it could cost him his life.

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Let's recalled the whole scenario what was exactly happened with Hrithik :

“To get the blood out of my brain was the biggest challenge I faced during shooting Bang Bang. I had a flight to catch in eight hours and I said something is wrong. I was on the treadmill at that time and I was supposed to go for an action schedule. I said, ‘something is wrong, my hands, my legs, my co-ordination, I can’t feel anything. I was signing something and my handwriting was not the same. It was difficult to write I called my doctor, got a scan done and my whole left side was filled with blood. My brain had shifted to the right. I told them that I had to catch a flight in 8 hours and they told me, ‘if you fly, you die.’ So then I said I won’t fly. They told me take the blood out. In three hours I researched, got the best doctors. I did whatever I could and was in my control and then I relaxed.”

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He further added, “I had to educate myself on this topic and I had to find the best doctor. I met three to four doctors but I chose the one who told me, ‘I am the doctor, you’re the patient, I know what to do’ and I knew this is the man coz when he is entering my brain his hand won’t shake. And then I was inside the operation theater, singing songs with the nurses and then I saw the blood spurt out from my head…actually. They have this something which is like a jack hammer and the noise it makes. There are 10 people holding your head and that thing goes inside making this terrible noise and then the blood just spurts out. Woww…uske baad gaana waana sab ruk gaya. And I was conscious all the time. Because I had read that during any brain surgery, the only way to keep a check whether the needle has gone in too much is by your facial expression. If you enter too much, then maybe you twitch or make weird faces. So that’s the check for the brain coz the brain itself doesn’t feel anything so I had to be awake.”

Well Hrithik plays many characters on screen, but this one proves that he is a ‘Real Life Hero Too’.