This DNA Strand Eye Makeup Trend is Taking Over Instagram

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When it comes to fashion, every woman knows it all. Whilst we were stumbling upon the insta shares of the popular fashion celeb and makeup artists we got one thing in common!! We noticed an isolated trend that is going viral nowadays and thought you should know about it.

Right from high pout to lose hairs, dark purple lips to deep baby pink lips the young damsel know how to flaunt in STYLE

If you are also looking for an inspiration everywhere how to style in a chic way, then you must scroll down through different eye makeup apps.

Gone are those days where an eye makeup is just restricted to different eye shades and putting the eyeliners…Here we have come up with a unique style of layering eye with a DNA Strand type makeup on eyes. This DNA strand is now very trendy and can be seen sporting by many young beautiful divas.

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This DNA Strand Style is Worth Waiting

This 3dimensional takes some time but it is really worth waiting. Start with a thin black liner and angled definer brushes add a dramatic appearance to your eyes. Also, increase the length of the line drawn through the eyes.

Let it dry completely and dip your brush into a powder eyeshadow. Start drawing semicircles along the line to create a beautiful spiral.

Yes! You are done with DNA Strand eye makeup. Go and get a selfie clicked and don’t forget to thank us in the comment box below.

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