Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane: Disha Gets to Known That Ram Killed Anu

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Ram Kapoor’s new serial is going through an emotional breakdown these days. It was said earlier that the story of the show is highly intense and would depict Gurdeep Kohli aka Anandita, losing her battle of life to cancer. In Episode 20 of the show, it was shown that investigations are in progress, as the inspector believes that Ram has killed his wife.

Here is the Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane written update of April 24, 2015. Mallika was seen offering food to Kapoor, who was feeling guilty for not been able to same Anu from death. Kapoor comes to know about the missing ashes of Anu, which were stolen by Ram. He instructs the inspector not to leave Ram and arrest him and the inspector insures him.

Disha Brawls with the Inspector for Alleging Her Father

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane Written Update

Karan calls Disha and Arav and tells them to reach Dadar bus stop as Ram is waiting for them there. The two leaves, however the inspector gets to know about the plan and follows Disha and Arav. Seeing the police, Ram again runs from the place, which makes the kids thing that, why their Papa is running from police.

Here Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane serial Ram Kapoor cries holding Anu’s reminiscence in her room, he tells Mallika that she brought everything from around the world to decorate this room however Ram made her go through a lot of troubles thus he won’t spare him.

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane Serial: Karan Tells Disha That Ram Killed Anu

Ram Kapoor Source: "twitter.com"

Here the inspector asks the kids to inform him about their father however, Disha yells at him that her papa hasn’t killed her mom. She says that she known it’s her Naanu aka Kapoor’s plan to put Ram behind the bars, so she would talk to him. Shockingly Karan tells Disha that Ram killed her mom, hearing which Disha gets taken aback!

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