Diya Aur Baati Hum December 11th 2014 Written Details of Episode

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th December episode was begun with landing back in their country. Rathi family gets the news on TV that Sandhya, Suraj, Bhabho and all the passengers were all right and they are safely coming back to them. Emily hugs Meenakshi and Babasa hugs Vikram. Suraj and Sandhya took Bhabho hospital and all the Rathi family didn’t know the truth of Bhabho’s condition. Babasa took roses for Bhabho and he says that he will hug Suraj with love and pride.

Suraj was in shock as because of the bullet was in Bhabho’s kidney, and the Docter said that this is a very critical condition and surgery is the only option. Sandhya said Suraj that he won’t have to worry about Bhabho, as she will get absolutely fine. Sandhya asked the Doctor to save Bhabho’s life, but the Doctor said that she is in a very serious condition, they give their best to save her life but at the end it’s all in the lord’s hand. Sandhya again said to the Doctor that Bhabho is a very strong lady and if you try hard then definitely she will respond and this makes her cry.

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Sandhya and her Team were Praised by Everybody

Vadeja congratulates to all, that it was all getting better at the end. He says that ‘he was happy that passengers had come safely’ and he was also glad that RK didn’t get free there. And this was the lesson for that country that our country India won’t bend in anybody’s unwanted demands. He says that the team deserves praise, as because they risked their life and he also told Arjun that he would do a great job there.

Emily said that Mohit will be coming soon with the job. Suddenly Mohit came and look upset. Babasa asked him that was he gets the job? Then he said no. Babasa wanted to know the reason, He asked him that why he didn’t get the job, is he didn’t told them that he is Suraj’s brother and Bhabho’s son, as because everybody knows them.

He said they have known that by seeing my biodata. And they said to him the guy who didn’t support his family in this state and leave them, then how he will be trustable for the company as because he didn’t value his family than how could he valued our company. So they did not give me the job. He said that I apologize for my mistake and left from there. Babasa said ‘Leave it now, you finally understand your mistake, which is a great thing and there are so many jobs here so don’t get upset’ Emily also realized her mistake.

Vikram Said the taxi had to come and we all have to leave for the airport soon. Taisa had made all the arrangements to welcome Suraj and Bhabho. She asked about the roses, Babasa said it’s for Bhabho. Then she said ‘I fought with Bhabho a lot, but she is like my little sister’. Emily smiled. And Zakir comes to them.

Babasa asked Zakir about Suraj and Bhabho, Zakir said all were fine. Babasa said I am happy that they all were coming safely. Vikram said now don’t get late and let it go all these, as because it’s time to celebrate not afraid.

When Rathi Family Comes to Know About Bhabho’s Critical Condition

Sandhya said Suraj to complete all the hospital’s formalities. Suraj was broken. Vikram asked Zakir where he takes them, as because it is not the airport root in which we are going. Zakir was getting upset because of their high hopes. He took all to the hospital. Vikram said, why were he took all them here, where is Bhabho and Suraj. Zakir said please come with me. Then Babasa said no, first you tell me where is Bhabho and Suraj, what happened. Zakir told everything and they all run to meet Bhabho. Babasa drops rose, then Zakir said Bhabho is alive and the operation is going on. Please come.

In upcoming episode Babasa will annoy with Sandhya. He will tell her that if anything will get wrong to Bhabho than he won’t be apologizing her. And they will come to know about Bhabho’s serious condition.

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