Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th December Episode in Written

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The Star Plus show Diya Aur Baati Hum's recent story, Sandhya asked RK to kill her and leave her husband Suraj, suddenly she makes fire burst into flames in dry glass and that smoky air makes Maya coughed, Maya desperately wanted her asthma pump. This time Sandhya again said RK to leave Suraj, and if he is not leaving him, then she will shoot her sister asthma pump. She said RK that if he wanted her sister live than he only have one option and that is to leave Suraj. RK said after Sandhya finished, that ‘don’t get foolish, give the pump back to Maya, otherwise everyone here will die. Then Sandhya said I will count till 5, if you love your sister’s life than leave everybody soon.

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Ball Entered in Sandhya’s Court in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sandhya asked Suraj, Bhabho and all the passengers to get back in the plane. Sandhya and Zakir started shooting the terrorist. After so many fires Zakir finds his gun’s bullets are finished, so he ran to save his life. Sandhya said, she can’t leave RK as because of he is dangerous for her country. Sandhya asked Suraj to go and she pressed the button which electrocuted RK. Suddenly Shikha saw Maya’s pump and she give that back to her, after picking that Maya was feeling fine and she saw her brother RK, who was electrocuted, she was trying to go close to him, but RK said her to don’t come close to him. And Sandhya shoots Disha at the same time.

The goons catches Zakir and beated him. Maya and Prema too shoot at Sandhya. Arjun suddenly came and save Zakir to goons. Then Suraj comes to Sandhya and shout at her that he don’t wanted to leave her alone as he already told her. Bhabo also came near to Suraj and Maya wished to fire her, but Zakir shoots Maya before that.

Diya Aur Baati Hum, Whole the Rathi Family Finally Together

Suraj hugged Bhabo and RK saw her sister Maya to fall dead. He cried for his sister, he wanted to take revenge and he again gets a gun and aimed Suraj to be fired out, but Bhabo shoots RK before his fire to Suraj. Sandhya, Suraj and Zakir get shocked by Bhabo’s shot to RK. And then Suraj hugged Bhabo and a silence gets created.

Suraj and Bhabo took Zakir to their home to meet Rathi’s family, and all were very excited.

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