BB8: Was Dimpy Mahajan Shedding Crocodile Tears for Bigg Boss Eviction?

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Bigg Boss 8 house is becoming an enormously out of the ordinary place with each and every passing day. The torment and desperation of the contestants to win the race was clearly visible in their actions.

Bigg Boss Contestants Skip a Beat with Salman’s Announcement of Eviction

Lately we have seen one such example during the no elimination week of Bigg Boss 8 house. Where the viewers were aware of the closed voting lines on the contrary the contestants were scared silly by the eliminations.

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The inmates were asked to save three contestants of the house, owing to which Diandra Soares, Ali Quli Mirza and Karishma Tanna turned out to be the lucky three. When Sonali Raut, Dimpy Mahajan and Puneet Issar turned out as the three left, to get eliminated from the house, by that time Dimpy Mahajan was seen shedding tears, insincere tears perhaps.

Dimpy Mahajan Justifies Herself, With Tears Rolling Down Her Eyes

Bigg Boss Contestant Dimpy Mahajan was seen justifying herself saying that the contestants are judging her wrong. Dimpy tried to speak it out with Ali and Pritam, swaying that she is not provocative. The contestants on the other hand, were seen planning to evict Puneet.

Puneet appeared ascertain that he is leaving the house furthermore Sonali was seen tensed too. Lastly, with the end of Salman’s weekend ka vaar the contestants took a breath of relief, when he let everyone knew that there is no eviction.

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