Omg ! Diandra Whirl Throw Sonali during the Task: Bigg Boss 8

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Bigg Boss’s 8 house was seen at chaos during the day second of the luxury budget task, Superheroes vs. Supervillains. Bigg Boss announced Krishma’s Superhero team as the winner of the first leg of the task. The second and the final leg of the task required Karishma’s team to defend their flag which was hoisted in the garden area, whereas the Supervillain team was asked to replace it with their flag.

Sonali and Diandra’s squabble

Bigg Boss 8 house

Soon the task turned into a battle, the inmates were seen setting up strategies to win the task. In order to do so, Sonali and Diandra both crossed their lines and picked up a fight. Whilst the action of Sonali throwing water on Diandra and the Superhero team, Diandra gets violent and catch hold of Sonali, whirling her abruptly.

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bigg boss 8-Supervillains

On the spur of the moment, Sonali’s team members,  Gautam, Praneet and  Pritam reacts against Diandra asking for an strict action against her. Where Sonali was seen crying about the incident, on the contrary Diandra was laughing it off.

In the end Bigg Boss declared the second leg of the task to be dismissed, on the basis of physical violence carried out by the contestant. However, he also affirmed Karishma‘s team to be the winner on the basis of first leg.

Withal this, Bigg Boss even punished Diandra for her violent act, nominating her for the eviction of next week!

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