Deepshika's Team Wins Hijack Task on Set of Bigg Boss 8

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Finally a week is over for the season’s new Big Boss 8. The house has been opened for Deepshika’s team as they win the Hijack task because of good team spirit and unity of all the members which was missing in other team.

How Deepshika's team made it to enter bigg boss house:

The hijack task was so simple and funny, all the members of one team were seated on the chair, other team members have to make them stand and sit on it. The task has no rules and winner would be given chance to enter the Bigg Boss House and captain will be safe for a week. It was just to see and check the inner and outer faces and patience of all members which is shown to everyone.

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The drama was created in the big boss house when Deepshika’s team member tried there hard to make Pritam’s team member stand. Uses various means for the same, rub shaving cream on them, dirty sleepers but still three of them remain seated. Then Karishma and Diandra, started to sprinkle and apply red chili on Pritam team members. Mean while Gautam loses his temper due to the irritation and problem caused, it turns into angry young man and abuses Karishma for the same.

Finally the Deepshika’s team did it by torturing them hardly and won the task. Whereas Pritam’s team gave up easily and Gautam was punished for abusing Karishma. He will also now not be permitted to nominate anyone this week during the nomination round. Stay back with us to watch upcoming twist and turns.