Deepika Padukone’s Bold Reply Agents Cleavage Controversy

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Recent days, news about the ace actress Deepika Padukone has put everyone dazed. A post on Deepika Padkone’s cleavage by a well-known publication, The Times of India, has gain a lot of outrage from member of the Bollywood fraternity as well as fans. The column written by Time of India used a year old picture of the celebrity as a nasty popularity stunt under the heading “OMG! Deepika’s Cleavage Show”.

The story took a huge turn when Deepika despite neglecting the issue, took a strong stand for herself. Such malicious stunts have ever since observed in the B-town but Deepika showed enormous courage and instead of letting it go, portrayed her strong point about the same. The actress tweeted irately 'YES! I am a Woman. I have breasts AND a cleavage! You got a problem!!??' The calm and composed actress who has created her own niche in the industry in the last few years with her acting skills, made it loud and clear that her professional life, on screen role and dressing sense don’t give an opportunity to anyone to objectify her. After that ‘The Times of India’ tried to cover the issue by saying that it was for complementing her and she should take it as a compliment.

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Seeing so much offence the TOI even acted upon the issue and deleted the post as well as the equally offensive comment. But, this is one of those incidents which yet make us realize that women are still judged by their dressing in our country rather than their talent or profession.

In response to TOI’s article the actress in her emotional yet strong piece responded that; in the time when women are fighting hard for their rights and equality, the media should response wisely. Well, whatsoever it was we would also say that digging up an old pic and headlining it in an abusing way for a women is a cheap stunt to bring attention. As a fan and admirer of the actress we just would like to say that we respect and support the step which she has taken for herself!

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