Nimboli Decorates Room for Kundan-Urmila’s First Night in Balika Vadhu

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One of the longest running TV serials - Balika Vadhu is going to witness fascinating turnarounds in the upcoming scene. Kundan's mom Harki denoted his child's adolescence marriage with Nimboli (Gracy Goswami) and got him wedded for the second time to Urmila.

Nonetheless, Nimboli is absolutely unconscious about entry off her co-wife.

Kundan, who is energized after second marriage, requests that his mom Harki enliven his space for the first night.

However, Kundan's dad Akhira Singh, who is as of now annoyed with the consumption on his child's marriage, gets irritated when Harki approaches cash for beautification.

Aanandi’s Daughter Nimboli Decorates Room for Her Husband’s First Night

Balika Vadhu Latest News

Notwithstanding, subsequent to seeing Kundan remaining on the entryway he doles out the cash for adorning the room. Balika Vadhu now turns to the most dramatic serial on Colors.

Balika Vadhu cast Harki gets glad to see the adoration in the middle of father and child. She approaches Nimboli to trim the space for Kundan's first night. The blameless Nimboli concurs with her relative and gets prepared to adorn her own particular spouse's space for the first night with her co-wife.

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