Box Office Collection, Review: Roar - Tigers of The Sundarbans

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Directed by Debutante Kunal Sadanah, Roar is a film which seems somewhat as a documentary about the Sunderbans tigers set with a fiction and thriller story. The movie put up with interspersed plot which is not penned down well.

The narration of the story lacks experience and the editing is even dreadful. The strewn plot of the story is hindering with the only good of the film which is Sunderbans, the tiger century’s natural scenic beauty.

Roar - Tigers of The Sundarbans

Where the story moves ahead with a lack of coherence, on the other hand the cinematography of the film done by Michael Watson is the only thing which binds the audiences to treasure the beauty of Sunderbans.

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Well if you are in quest of an award winning experience with a well plotted script and character then, Road may disappoint you.

Bollywood Box Office Collection of Roar - Tigers of The Sundarbans

The first weekend total collection of the movie is around 5 Crore.

Cast & Crew of Roar 

Pulkit Jawahar, Pranay Dixit, Abhinav Shukla, Achint Kaur, Varindar Singh, Nora Fatehi, Ali Quli, Aaran Chaudhary, Aadil Chahal, Himarsha Venkatsamy, Subrat Dutta

Director: Kamal Sadanah

Critic rating: 2.0/5 - 2 Ratings