Bombay Velvet Movie Review

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Anurag Kashyup’s retro drama was much awaited by the Bollywood movie freaks and the movie finally has been put on the market today. So here, we are with our Bombay velvet movie review to help save your weekend plans! (LOL)

Well there isn’t a doubt that Anurag Kashyap have a sundry shop to come up with all the off the beaten track films. Bombay Velvet movie isn’t a difference! This time Anurag was seen trying to explore a total new territory with an enticing commercial cinema however of a quirky style. Well dejectedly, this time his movie with great expectations seems hitting the skids!

As we all know Bombay Velvet Cast encompassing Anushka Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar, which is even the major USP of the movie. Moreover the theme and mood of the film is of 60s. The film stars in Bombay (now Mumbai) where Johnny Bajraj comes with his mother. On the other hand, beautiful Rosie also runs and reaches Bombay, from the clutch of a creepy musician by whom he was taken away from her mother.

The Story of Bombay Velvet Movie and its Hasty Cooked Characters!

Where Rosie grows out to be a bar singer conversely Balraj lands up becoming a street fighter and smuggler. Balraj falls in love with Rosie on the first sight. Soon he grows up to become the right hand of land-dealer Kaizad Khambatta (KJo).  The further story progresses with a lot of hustle and bustle amid Rosie and Balraj’s passionate love and mammoth of Jazz singing and fighting.

Though there are things that are exciting enough to grab attention however, everything is like a horse on fire on the screen. The story and the other instances are so hasty in the film that it hardly gives any time to register. Nor did Rosie and Balraj’s love neither did Khambatta’s iniquitous actions, nothing made the impact that it was expected to be.

Bombay Velvet Cast: Anuskha, Ranbir and Karan Justifies their Roles!

Anurag’s Bombay Velvet lacks all those expects which makes every of his film a fullto entertainment drama. As much as the cinematography is concerned, the film’s crew has done a tremendous job. As it was easier said than done to recreate the Bombay of 60s however, everything in the film is proficiently done to catch the eye.

Coming to the Bombay Velvet Cast, Ranbir has done an impressive job and Anushka Sharma too has justified Jazz singer Rosie. Karan Johar was the most anticipate character of the film and even he has come out as a surprise pack. A mocking, wicked and gay land dealer, Khambatta suits the character. It’s just that the film looks less cooked or sometimes over cooked. The character of the actor are not been emphasized well to let it be embraced by the audiences.

Verdict- Final Word of Bombay Velvet Movie Review

Having all said and done, we had a lot of expectations from Bombay Velvet Movie being an Anurag Kashyup offering however it is a unexpected disappointment. We would say that if you are up to get the 60s feels and look of Mumbai then you could take the risk to watch out the film this weekend, however if you are expecting something very astounding then it might let down you.