Kill Dil, Review: Entertaining Yet Slouchy On Expectations

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Starring Govinda (as Bhaiyaji), Raveer Singh (Dev), Parineeti Chopra (Disha) and Ali Zafar (Tutu), the movie Kill Dil isn’t certainly a block buster however even not a the pits.

Glimpse of the Track of ‘Kill Dill’

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The story of the film is set in the capital Delhi, in which Ranveer and Ali are shooters who work for Bhaiyaji (Govinda). The lout Ranveer soon fell in love with Parineeti and decides to leave killing.

Govinda And Ranveer Steals The Show

Well, where the actors did quite a good job, weather it is the most esteemed comedian Govinda or young humk Ranveer, however the scrip is a bit dire. Govinda’s expression, his laughter and dance is bringing life to his character. Parineeti Chopra too justified the role no matter what was given to her.

The major drop of the film comes with the second half, where the end looks quite hasty.

Final verdict: All in all one could say that, Kill Dil is a two hour entertainment, but if you set off without superfluous expectations!

Direction: Shaad Ali

Rating: 3/5