Bollywood Drug Addicts- Manifesting Film Side of Glamour World!

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The glamour world seems to be very glittery and dazzling from the outside however many of us forgets to see the flipside of the coin. Be it casting couch, love affairs, broken relationships or addiction, everything seems to be the guerdon of the industry.

Whether we talk about A-list star of Bollywood, those who are the part of the industry however helms the whole scenario from back stage or their relative, Drug Addiction in Bollywood isn’t a rare scenario. Here is a list of some of the much known names of the industry, who have been alleged to be Bollywood drug addicts.

Drug Addiction in Bollywood And Its Much-Known Victims!

Fardeen Khan:

Fardeen Khan-Bollywood Drug Addicts Source: ""

Fardeen Khan the son of veteran actor Feroz Khan raised many eyebrows, when he got arrested from Mumbai, Juhu for possession of cocaine in 2001. The actor had to undergo a detoxification course for the same in state’s run hospital. In 2012, the actor was granted with immunity in the drug case.

Sanjay Dutt:

Sanjay Dutt-Bollywood Drug Addicts

Sanjay Dutt is currently serving his sentence in conviction of illegal possession of weapons during the 1993 serial blast in Mumbai. The 55-year-old was even alleged of being a drug abuser and even underwent 5 months of prison in 1982. Sanjay Dutt Drug Addiction apparently took him to a rehabilitation center in US to get rid of his addiction prior which he helped his successful career in Bollywood.

Vijay Raaz:

Vijay Raaz-Drug Addiction in Bollywood

The Kauwa Biryani comedian from the movie ‘Run’ has yet manifested his acting skills in several movies. However, shockingly he is also an alleged, who was framed in Dubai airport for possession of drugs in 2005.

Sussanne Khan:

Sussanne Khan-Drug Addiction in Bollywood

The name could come as a shock for many, as Sussanne is the wife of Hrithik Roshan and comes from a much reputable family. Nonetheless, many sources indict her drug addictions habits to be the main culprit of her divorce with Hrithik.

Rahul Mahajan:

Rahul Mahajan-Drug Addiction in Bollywood

Rahul Mahajan’s drug addiction isn’t a hidden case, the son of Pramod Mahajan, former Union Minister had to underwent urgent medical help for cocaine overdose, post a month of his father’s death.

Gauri Khan Caught With Drugs:

Gauri Khan Caught With Drugs

Another shocker Drug Addiction in Bollywood; Baadshah Khan’s wife Gauri Khan is another celebrity wife who was allegedly trapped with Marijuana at the airport of Berlin.

Ranbir Kapoor:

Ranbir Kapoor-Bollywood Drug Addicts

Ranbir is the most loved actor of the generation and is a heartthrob for girls, whether other actors run off from such matters however, himself opened it up during an interview that he smoked weed during his film schooling. Not just that the same he did at the time of his much-acclaimed film Rockstar, to add intensity and real touch to his character.

Geetanjali Nagpal:

Geetanjali Nagpal-Bollywood Drug Addicts Source: ""

Geetanjali Nagpal is a former Model who went to the extremes of drug addiction. The lady once walked down the ramp with some big names however falling helplessly in her addiction she did everything from spending nights with men to working as a maid to buy drugs.

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