Bollywood Cheating Husbands Who Accepted by Their Wives

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There is a saying that ‘Small Cheating Makes Relationship Stronger’. So for all the greatest wives of their star actors, who accepts their Bollywood Cheating Husbands,a great round of applause. Twinkle Khanna, Kajol, Gauri Khan, Jaya Bachchan and Nadira Babbar are on the top of our list.

Bollywood Wives:  Accepting their Cheater Cop Husbands

Twinkle Khanna
Khiladi Akshay Kumar had a very colorful history. He dated many actresses after marriage. He had a series of love affairs. Pooja Batra, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, and list goes on. But love is love, so every timewhen Akshay Cheats on Twinkle, she again linked up with him.

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Akshay Twinkle

According to the rumors, Ajay dated with Kangana Ranaut during the shooting of ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’. Didn’t know the sparks were right or wrong, because that time Kajol was busy in playing her mummy’s role.

Ajay Kajol

Gauri Khan
The most romantic hero of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan was also getting into the trap of rumors. SRK’s alleged affair with the Miss World of Bollywood Piggi chops (Priyanka Chopra) is well known by all. Gauri is never seen in the parties, where Piggi expects to come.

Shahrukh Gauri

Jaya Bachchan
The rumors throw in between Sadike Mahanayak Amitabh Bachchan and the evergreen Rekha are well known lovebirds to all. But Jaya is living her life and she chooses her husband over his cheats.

Amitabh Jaya

Nadira Babbar
Nadira Babbar is the best example of her Cheating Husband back in her life. Raj Babbar had fallen in love with Smita Patil after his marriage, so he took divorce to Nadira and Married to Smita Patil. But after Smita’s death, he (Raj Babbar) again went back to his first wife Nadira.

Raj Babbar Nadira

The overall conclusion is star wives are very soft hearted or they love their husbands more than anything. So they take all their cheats and diddle in advance.

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