B-Town Stars Who Never Smooched Onscreen Yet Got the Kiss of Success!

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Sensuality has become the prime scheme in Bollywood to drag the audiences to theaters, and falling a victim to the same, celebs follow the rule. Though for some it’s an added perk however for those who wish to enter the glamour world with few prior set rules for themselves, it’s a fly in the ointment. It would be immensely hard in today’s Bollywood, to name a movie, where there isn’t even a single kiss or sensual scene however, breaking all the rules there are some Bollywood stars, who are paving their success being a pure on-screen virgin.

Yes, we mean in a generation of actors, who are titled as serial kissers and kisses countless times in a film, there are some celebrities who could spread their magic without even a single smooch! Here is a list of Bollywood celebs who never kissed on screen!

B-Town Celebs Proving it Doesn’t Take Just a Kiss to Give Hits!

Salman Khan Kiss Story:

Salman Khan Upcoming Movies Source: "tumblr.com"

Khan has become a leading brand name in Bollywood industry, though SRK broke the no-kiss rule with Katrina Kaif however, Salman is still going strong. Many of you may be shocked nonetheless Sallu has never ever kissed any lady on screen yet in his career. Staring form his first movie Maine Pyar Kiya to Maine Pyar Kyu Kiya and his latest released Kick, thought he could have any of the industry’s leading lady in his arms however he left Salman Khan kiss story as incomplete as his marriage story.

Sonakshi Sinha:

Sonakshi Sinha Hot Source: "tumblr.com"

Coming to his Dabangg co-star Sonakshi Sinha, the actress also hits the list of celebrities who never kissed on screen. We all know she is the daughter of a dotting yet strict father, consequently she entered the industry with some fastened rulers for herself. Apparently, the no-kiss statute could also be a stipulate of his father.

Shilpa Shetty:

Shilpa Shetty Hot Pics Source: "tumblr.com"

Shilpa Shetty could be well thought-out in few of the yummiest mummy of Bollywood. She is also an onscreen kiss virgin. She has been a leading lady in mammoth of films, winner of Big Brother show and the wifey of a millinery however never a kiss become the stumbling block of her career.

Asin Thottumkal:

Asin Thottumkal Hot Source: "tumblr.com"

Asin is a star of Bollywood as well as Kollywood industry. The cute loquacious girl from Ghajini was liked by all of our, Right? She though become a part of two industries nonetheless never gave a kissing scene on screen in any of the two.

Tamannaah Bhatia:

Tamannaah Bhatia Hot Pics Source: "tumblr.com"

Tamannaah fell flat on face in her attempt to enter B-town however, one fact can’t be neglected that she has successfully made a name in South Industry. The actress has also tagged along the no-kiss rule yet.

Ali Zafar:

Ali Zafar Movies Source: ""tumblr.com

Ali Zafar, the Pakistani dude that made his place by tickling the funny bones of fans in Tere Bin Laden, is another actor whom we never seen smooching on screen. The talented actor cum singer never took it to kiss any Pakistani or Indian damsel ever.

We believe in an industry dominant with intimate scenes, it’s difficult for anyone to not participate in such activities that are a need to pull forth a movie. However, these stars have managed to do the odd! Kudos to all of them!

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