Bollywood Celebs Weirdest Phobias Which are Untolerable to Them

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Phobia is a feeling which does not segregate between anybody, tall or short, dark or white, rich or poor and acclaimed or not really celebrated. Infact, fear is one feeling which conveys everybody to a shared view. Also, our Bollywood stars are not untouched by this feeling. Actually, they are one stage ahead and have some truly fascinating fears.

Be it statures or water, shut spaces or lifts, haziness or flame, every one of us has some fear or the other. Here and there these reasons for alarm are situational as they help us to remember a sad occurrence in our life yet numerous a times, they are simply silly. A significant number of our celebs too have their shares of fears and insecurities. We should observe what they fear, Find out here.

Arjun Kapoor is Afraid from Electroaltoaviophobia: This is also Termed as Phobia of Ceiling Fans

Arjun Kapoor Pics

Handsome hunk Arjun Kapoor, who has a fairly macho personality onscreen, has a somewhat odd phobia. The actor has an unexplained apprehension of ceiling fans. Subsequently, it is therefore that the 2 States hero supposedly doesn't have a solitary ceiling fan in his home.

Alia Bhatt is Afraid of Claustrophobia: She has Phobia of Dark Room

The adorable and vivacious Alia Bhatt, who won everyone’s hearts with her acting skills in movies, for example, Student of the Year, Highway, 2 States, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, is terrified of darkness and can't rest without a faint light in her room.

Alia Bhatt Instagram

According to a report her fear from haziness presumably comes from youth when her sister would keep her locked in a dim room. Alia said “I’d keep crying to get me out of the room. I think my fear for dark rooms began since then.”

Anushka Sharma has Hodophobia:  She has Phobia of Bike Ride

Did we see even a bit of distress all over when she vroomed around on a bike in a scene from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi or took an easygoing walk around a Royal Enfield in Ladakh in Jab Tak Hai Jaan? Covered up under that execution was Anushka Sharma's fear of riding bikes!

Anushka Sharma Hot

Anushka is so petrified of riding bikes that once in the shooting of 'Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola' must be ceased on the grounds that she lost her cool while riding pillion to actor Imran Khan! Natheless, similar to a careful expert, Anushka has comprehended her fear truly a couple of times for films.

Shahrukh Khan has Equinophobia: He Doesn’t Like Horse Riding

Shahrukh Khan Pics

He may be called King Khan yet there are a few apprehensions that even lords can't succeed. Shah Rukh Khan may be the Baadshah of Bollywood however he is frightened of horses. No big surprise we don't see him riding a horse in his movies time after time!

Ajay Devgn has Phobia of Stinking Fingers  

Ajay Devgn Pics

Ajay Devgan has a fear of having food with his hands to such an extent that he demands utilizing a fork and blade for eating practically everything, even a ghee-spread chapati. He even has a clarification prepared: he thinks eating sustenance with hands makes the fingers stink!

Abhishek Bachchan Afraid from Carpophobia:  He doesn’t Like to Eat Fruits

For somebody working in Hindi films, nutritious eating regimen is a need. Then again, Abhishek Bachchan, not a big time wellness lover, experiences a phobia of fruits of the soil away at seeing them (as seen on a cookery show!).

Abhishek Bachchan Pics

As though that was insufficient, Jr Bachchan freely admitted to his disdain towards fruits (at a reality show) and included that he has never eaten a fruit!

Sonam Kapoor Fear is Claustrophobia: She Never Prefer Lifts

Sonam Kapoor Pics

Sonam Kapoor is an entertaining identity and similarly fascinating is her fear! The actress has a fear of riding in lifts! The fashion diva of Bollywood admitted that riding stairs is her first decision at the same time, if need be, she stuffs herself into the side of a lift and sits tight for her floor to arrive. Having said that, the lift is never a possibility for the chirpy actress when she is worried!

Ranbir Kapoor Afraid from Arachnophobia and Katsaridaphobia: He Doesn’t Tolerate Spiders and Cockroaches

Ranbir Kapoor Pics

The "Rockstar" of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor, may have makers and producers holding up at his doorstep however there is one thing which better not go into his home: spiders and cockroaches! Imparting his fear for spiders to Priyanka Chopra, the Kapoor scion can't stand seeing frightening animals.

Vidya Balan Horror Attention is Ailurophobia: She has Phobia from Cats

Vidya Balan Pics Source: ""

Manifest this flexible actress a cat and she'll keep running for miles! The ooh la la lady of Bollywood, who has conveyed numerous a movies on her shoulders, can't deal with her distrustfulness at seeing cats!

Celina Jaitly has Lepidopterophobia:  She has Phobia of Butterflies

Celina Jaitly Pics Source: ""

Celina Jaitly has had an odd fear since she was 4 years of age, uncovered her mom once. The svelte Bollywood actress is petrified of butterflies! Indeed, a butterfly can set the frenzy catch on for the actress to such an extent that she once verging on tumbled off a precipice in the wake of running into a butterfly on the sets of 'No Entry.'

Tanisha Mukherji has Glossophobia: She has Phobia of Live Audience

Tanisha Mukherji Pics

While a few fears can be totally confusing, others are understanable! Tanisha Mukherji is said to have genuine stage dread! She has a phobia of live audience, this is such a fear is sure to create!

Katrina Kaif has Ntomataphobia: She doesn’t LikeTomatoes

You'll need to hand it to Katrina Kaif for the most fascinating fear on the rundown! Clearly, the beautiful actress can't endure tomatoes anyplace in her region! Also, that all of a sudden flashes recollections of the song from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara where Kaif is splashed in tomatoes, yet that shoot evidently exacerbated the fear develop!

Katrina Kaif Hot

As indicated by reports, Katrina even quit an underwriting arrangement worth millions simply in light of the fact that it was a tomato ketchup brand! Notwithstanding that, Katrina is likewise known to have a fear of statures!

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