World Tourism Day Special: 10 Favourite Destinations of Bollywood Celebs

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Mark the date guys, September 27. It’s the World Tourism Day. We bring you a special insight from the Bollywood celebrities’ space. Get to know their favourite travel destinations reading further.

As popularly quoted by Saint Augustine, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” Travelling not just brings relaxation and fun but also enriches your soul and body. Be it a long vacation to holiday spots or a tafree to market. Anything is travelling and each experience counts for the life.

While some people have a thrill for adventures like skydiving and mountaineering, others find pleasure in sitting beside a serene river bank. No matter whatever the purpose or character is, it always counts for an amazing experience.

Ever wondered what’s the favourite destination of your beloved Bollywood celebs. Celebrities work too hard for delivering you an amazing story and experience. They apply the same efforts when it comes to their joy and fun. They travel to some of the most amazing places around the world and make each memory count so as to work again for the next venture. We bring you the list below.

10 Favourite Destinations of Bollywood Celebs


1. London

holiday destination of bollywood celebs

Shahrukh Khan owns a house in London. He loves to spend his family time there. Every summer he makes a round there. Shahrukh has got another reason to visit London. His son Aryan is pursuing his studies there. London has popular attractions like Tower Bridge and British Museum. The place is a heaven for shopaholics. Katrina Kaif also visits the place every December for a week. It's her family's Christmas celebration over there.

Nawab Saheb Saif Ali Khan is known for celebrating his birthdays at the Land of Thames.

2. Dubai

holiday destination of bollywood celebs

Fondly called Bhai, Salman Khan loves to spend holidays in Dubai. During some regular free time, he visits his farmhouse in Panvel, Mumbai but soon as he gets a few days vacation, Dubai is the place for him. Especially the New Year’s Eve, Salman parties there with friends and family. From adventure sports to food, shopping and spa, Dubai is the perfect destination. Even Shahrukh Khan is very frequent in his Dubai visits.

3. Goa

holiday destination of bollywood celebs

Goa is just the perfect place for Amitabh Bachchan. He loves to relax on the beach and experience the local cultures. Popular for the beach parties and churches, Goa has tourism round the year. Bipasha Basu’s love also stays for the place. She enjoys the sea food, yoga and running on the beach.

4. Thailand

holiday destination of bollywood celebs

Priyanka Chopra loves Thailand for vacations. Her vacation means spending time with family. Thailand is pristine for its culture and beaches. Priyanka loves the islands Koh Samui and Phuket.

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5. Switzerland

holiday destination of bollywood celebs

Kareena Kapoor loves the snow scaped beauty of Switzerland. It is not just her favourite holiday destination but also her honeymoon destination with Saif Ali Khan. Kareena is fond of the hot air balloon ride, golfing and other activities. The place is also known for hiking and ski resorts.

6. New York

holiday destination of bollywood celebs

Karan Johar doesn’t need reasons for his New York visits. It is his favourite film location for shoot as well as writing scripts. He visits the Big Apple for a break and has written most of his movies at this place, the recent being Student of the Year.

Ranbir Kapoor also heads for this place for vacation and meeting up his friends. Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Broadway Theatre and Times Square are famous sights in New York.

7. The Himalayas

holiday destination of bollywood celebs

Perfect to stay in a peaceful and serene environment. Anushka Sharma keeps on travelling at different places in the world but it’s this place that has taken her heart.

8. Canada

holiday destination of bollywood celebs

Canada is Akshay Kumar’s favourite holiday destination. He loves Toronto and Vancouver with his family. Known for the natural beauty, the place surely rejuvenates one from within.

9. French Riviera

holiday destination of bollywood celebs

Deepika Padukone loves beaches and so she is very often in her visits to French Riviera beaches. It is a coastal area situated on the south east of France. The place attracts millions of tourists every year. The tourist attractions include the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild , Cours Saleya market and many others.

10. Italy

holiday destination of bollywood celebs

Food, beaches and cobbled streets, bubbly girl Anushka Sharma loves the Italy beauty. Ranbir Kapoor is also fond of Venice and Puglia in Italy.

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Few more celebs share their favourite holiday locations. Check out the video.

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