Know Bollywood's 5 Celebrities and Their Quirky Superstitions

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You all will agree on the fact that together with lots of talent, one needs a strong luck in order to be successful in the industry! Well you would be astonished to know that our B-town stars think alike as well.

Bollywood’s disbelieves and quirky efforts amid film releases are witnessed by all. Here is a list of B-town’s most superstitious stars, you would love to know.

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Bollywood Actor and Actresses and their superstition

[wptab name='Salman']

Salman Khan's Superstition:

Salman Khan-Superstition

The Dabangg Khan and Tiger of Bollywood, one and the only Salman Khan is always spotted wearing his blue sapphire bracelet. The bracelet was a bequest to Salman by his father and is a very special lucky charm which the actor never forgets to wear. Along with this, the second time Salman was even seen wearing a holy locket during the time her film Kick.


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Deepika Padukone's Superstition:

Deepika Padukone-superstition-Siddhivinayak Temple

Deepika Padukone who is listed amongst the most talented actress of present Bollywood, does not wear any locket or bracelet similar to Salma. However the actress makes sure to visit Siddhivinayak Temple in Prabhadevi prior to all her releases.


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Aamir Khan's Superstition:

Aamir Khan-Superstition

Well if you feel Aamir, who is known to deliver hits all time with his every single appearance, might not need luck! However you are indeed wrong, Aamir Khan believes that his Christmas or December is the luckiest time duration for his films and the actor make sure to continue the legacy every single time.


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Katrina Kaif's Superstition:

Katrina Kaif-Superstition-Ajmer Sharif

Kat also accompany other actors for being superstitious, the actress is consistently spotted visiting Ajmer Sharif before all her releases.


[wptab name='SRK']

Shah Rukh Khan's Superstition:

Shah Rukh Khan-Superstition-car555

The King Khan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan does not wear any lucky charm or visit holy places but, the actor apparently, strongly believe in numerology.  Reportedly Shah Rukh only own cars with a series of triple fives (555), and refuses cars with other numbers on the number plate.