Bollywood Actresses Before and After Plastic Surgeries

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Being glamorous and gaudy is the key factor which determines the success in Bollywood. Whether it comes for the actors or the actresses toned body and the youthful looks are the pillars which have the knack of overshadowing the acting skills too.

The heroes work effortlessly to gain a muscular body for showcasing their abs on the other hand the actresses never ending crave for younger looks keeps them starving away. Here is a look of the actresses who failed to bargain a better look at the cost of a cosmetic surgery.

Koena Mitra

koena mitra before and after plastic surgery

The cosmetic surgery of her lips. Instead of nurturing her looks it proved laid down a detrimental effect on her looks which sprouted up the need of undergoing a corrective surgery in order to overcome the disastrous looks.

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Kangana Ranaut

kangana ranaut plastic surgery

Another tragic story of the cosmetic surgery is evidenced by this dexterous actress. The fruits of cosmetic surgery turned to uproot her alluring beauty. The two actresses share the same fate of undergoing a corrective surgery.

Anushka Sharma

anushka sharma plastic surgery

The grisly lips of Anushka Sharma after the lip surgery unravels the awful effects of the cosmetic surgery. The worked on lips dint go well and it made hideous for Anuskha.

Juhi Chawla

juhi chawla plastic surgery

This Miss India is known for her magnetizing beauty but the shape of her nose always depressed her. Yes cosmetic surgery is the way she went on but alas rather healing her depression it augmented the mental trauma for Juhi.