Bollywood Actress Wardrobe Malfunction - Pics Not to Miss

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Bollywood is an inglorious industry which plays with charisma and black eyes all together. Where actresses instantly escalate their style and beauty on the floor, awfully sometimes happen that they had to withstand some publicly averse and awkward moments as well, just in the mode of wardrobe malfunction.

See some latest Bollywood actress wardrobe malfunction here...

Bollywood Actress Wardobe Malfunction – Epic Moments

Katrina Kaif, Kat is the cutest actress and formerly known as Barbie doll of the Bollywood also encountered the same at many events, and her oops moments were caught in a camera.

Katrina Kaif Wardrobe Malfunction: Some Unseen Oops Moments So Far

‘Ek tha tiger’ in a scene with Salman Khan, the dress she wore was not possibly perfect for the shot. She had to ride a bicycle the second as she uplifted her leg to put on the bicycle she fell down. Surprising! Just because of a minute misbalancing, the picture of the dress goes viral on the internet.

Katrina Kaif Wardrobe Malfunction

At Big Star IMA award function again Katrina suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing on her song ‘Shiela Ki Jawani’. The band of Katrina’s red net top nearly scooch down and highlighted her upper body.

Nargis Fakhri Wardrobe Malfunction:

While donning a red hot scarlet gown Nargis Fakhri turned everyone to take a snap with her. But it was really shocking when suddenly camera caught her wrong impression, which shows her cleavage on full display.

Nargis Fakhri Wardrobe Malfunction

In Indian Bridal Fashion Week, again Nargis Fakhri suppressed with shocking wardrobe malfunction. She had worn a black colour full length gown; in fact the slit of the gown was very long. Already it was showing some more than what it was styled, unexpectedly someone stepped on her gown and what had happened was easily caught on the camera.

Vidya Balan Wardrobe Malfunction:

The dirty picture actress Vidya Balan always looks gorgeous in saree. But her glamorous figure and fashionable style of donning the amazing dresses can be sometimes embarrass in the public.

Vidya Balan Wardrobe Malfunction


With this hot black colour skinny top and loose hair she is looking beautiful. But what had gone on the web is can be seen without the glasses.

Sonakshi Sinha Wardrobe Malfunction:

Sonakshi Sinha is popularly known as rowdy girl of the Bollywood industry. With the incredible performances and pairing with the top Bollywood actors in a movie she had strongly increased her confidence. But sometimes with just silliness with the dresses she wore got her trapped in the wardrobe malfunction.

Sonakshi Sinha Wardrobe Malfunction

Sonakshi while wearing black leather jacket and white jeans looks stunning but oops what she had wore inside goes on shinning can’t wait the cameraperson to shot in his role.

Sonam Kapoor Wardrobe Malfunction:

The prominent fashionable icon and the hottest b – town diva Sonam Kapoor is always talked when media chats about stylish dresses.

Sonam Kapoor Wardrobe Malfunction


Although the styling icon has very few embarrassing moments to disclose but here is the one, ‘the one that was the worst’ at the red rug (carpet), that too had exposed her upper body, her dress got slightly slipped off, the moment had happened it was clicked by the cameraman.

Not only Katrina Kaif and Nargees Fakhri are in the list who had suffered the embarrassing moment in public. The list is continued with the Bollywood actress wardrobe malfunction and counting Kareena Kapoor, charming Alia Bhatt, sexiest Priyanka Chopra and many more actresses.

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