Binge-Watch These 5 Movies Based on #Gandhiji & His Ideals Today

Gandhiji was a major figure in the Indian independence & eventually became an important part of Hindi films. This Gandhi Jayanti, watch movies based on Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals. Check the list here!

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Binge-Watch These 5 Movies Based on #Gandhiji & His Ideals Today

2nd October is not just a date like others but a very important date in Indian Calender. Yes, because today is the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as Mahatma Gandhi. And, this is the 150th Birth Anniversary of Gandhiji.

He was not only the biggest figure in the Indian independence movement but was also the face of it to the rest of the world. His philosophies of civil disobedience, non-violence,  and a will of steel helped defeat the most powerful empire the world had ever seen.

And, due to his great life story, many renowned filmmakers have tried to portray him on the big screen. So, today, on the occasion of his birthday, here we are listing five top movies that were made on him. Let’s begin:

1. Gandhi (1982)1. Gandhi (1982)

The first serious project attempted on the great man was this emphatic portrayal, Gandhi.  The movie was a humongous commercial and critical success with focused direction by Attenborough and with a confident, getting-into-the-skin performance by Kingsley and sharp.

Besides, the movie also went on to win an incredible eight Oscars, including the most coveted ones: Best Picture, Best Actor and  Best Director. Helmed by British filmmaker Richard Attenborough, this is the definitive Mahatma Gandhi film.

2. The Making of the Mahatma (1996)

The film The Making of the Mahatma is based on Mahatma Gandhi’s time in South Africa, where he had a practice as a barrister that is before he joined the independence movement of India. As we all know, this was years that shaped his character and hardened his resolve to overthrow the British empire.

Well, the movie explained all this very well. Rajit Kapur starred as Gandhi and also grabbed a National Award. Helmed by ace filmmaker Shyam Benegal, the film won the National Award for Best Feature Film in English.

3. Hey Ram (2000)

Hey Ram, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Haasan, was a Kamal Haasan project. And, from the words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi in his dying moments, the name of the film was declared. This film revolved around the story of two friends hailing from different religious backgrounds, about the political and religious divisions surrounding the Partition and also how the unfolding events affected their friendship. Most importantly, Naseeruddin Shah portrayed Mahatma Gandhi, and it was an amazing performance.

4. Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006)

Well, this is the movie that portrayed Gandhi’s philosophy and ideas palatable to young Indians. This film not only represented Gandhism but also gave the ‘Tapori’ spin to it and named it Gandhigiri.

However, in the film, Mahatma was only a hallucination of the gangster Munna Bhai, but he was capable of remodeling the hardened criminal to a devotee of non-violence.

5. Gandhi My Father (2007)

Gandhi My Father, released in 2007, revolves around the fraught relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and Harilal Gandhi, his son. The movie was helmed by Feroz Abbas Khan, the well-known theatre personality.

Moreover, the flick was lauded for its performances and direction, especially the effective portrayal of the great man by Darshan Jariwala. Based on Harilal’s biography, the film was well-received and received three National Film Awards.

So, if you haven't seen any movie out of the above list, you must binge watch today as a tribute to once called “Father Of Nation”!