Bigg Boss P3G in Ruins: Puneet and Gautam Punished By Captain Pritam

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The latest episode of controversial reality colors TV show Bigg Boss 8 illustrated P3G’s gashing friendship.  RJ Pritam who is the recent captain of the Bigg Boss 8 house was given power to select the good performers and under performers of the task on the judgment day. Consequently Pritam chosen Praneet, Karishma and Dimpy as the best performers and punish two contestants of the house.

Pritam Names Puneet and Gautam as the Underperformers

The names of the two contestants Puneet Issar and Gautam Gulati came as shock for many. However RJ Pritam elected Puneet Issar for picking the fight on the other hand punished Gautam Gulati for arousing the fight. Consequently Bigg Boss punished Gautam and Puneet by making them do entire household works.

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Pritam who is considered as the strongest contestant of Bigg Boss 8 house was supposed to become a remarkable captain by the fans however his captaincy is more getting condemn than esteemed inside the house.

Ali Tops The List Of Popularity Amongst Bigg Boss 8 Contestants

In the evening Bigg Boss 8 contestants were given the task to place themselves on the positions from 1 to 10 on the basis of self understanding. As a result of the task the contestants had chosen Ali on the first spot owning to his popularity as said by Salman. The last spot was given to Dimpy the only left wildcard entry of the house.

Towards the end of the show Ali was seen talking to Upen and karishma making strategies for taking advantage of P3G’s broken friendship. Now it would be interesting to note what is up next in the controversial show?

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