Bigg Boss 8, Day 20: Ice Slab Challenge for Luxury Budget

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The Bigg Boss 8’s Day 20 started with a fiddly task for the nominated contestants, Puneet and Aarya who got a chance to save themselves from directly getting nominated.  As per the ice slab challenge given by Bigg Boss, Aarya and Puneet had to lie on an ice slab which was kept in the Bigg Boss house’s garden area.

The respective team mates of both the contestants, Aarya and Puneet had to melt the ice slab asap and get out the seeded winner cue cards from the ice slab in order to make the make their candidate win the task.

Bigg Boss's  Luxury budget task

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After this, Bigg Boss contented the contestants with an interesting luxury budget task.  The task was well performed by Sushant as a result of which the contestants managed to get a handful of luxury budget food items.

bigg boss 8 contestants-Ice Slab Challenge -20day

Later the day of the contestants ended with another task in the evening, the TVS Scooty Zest 110 task which was performed by Soni and Sonali.

All-in-all the day was filled with activities and tasks for the contestants!!