Bigg Boss 8 Contestants Nominated, Captain Karishma Tanna Immune!

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There is not even a single day in Bigg Boss 8 house when we don’t get to see a new hue and cry amongst the contestants. Well we all have seen Colors TV serial Bigg Boss presaging the contestants about breaking the rules of the house every now and then. However, this time we say the contestants being punished for breaking the rules of Bigg boss 8 house.

Bigg Boss 8 Contestants Nominated For Breaking the Rules

After surviving last week’s eviction, contestants were nervous about this week’s nomination when Bigg Boss gather all them to the living area. Scolding all the contestants for breaking the rules of the house, shockingly Bigg Boss nominated all the contestants for evictions, except the captain Karishma Tanna. Stating that the inmates are continuously breaking the rules be its sleeping during the day, taking in English or not wearing their mikes.

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Miss Karishma Tanna, being the captain of the house also came up front with this and decided to punish the contestants. Karishma gathered all Bigg Boss 8 contestants in the garden area and instructed them to take ten rounds of the garden with their hands up. Where some contestants took it sportingly, on the other hand few such as bubby Diandra were initially seen denying to do so however all eventually adjusted with the punishment.

Dimpy Cunningly Replaces Karishma Tanna From The Captaincy

The other interesting happening in the Bigg Boss 8 episode was Dimpy’s secret task. Dimpy was given a secret task by Bigg Boss to replace the present captain Karishma. Dimpy had to convince 5 contestants of the house to go against Karishma and declare her a non-deserving captain for herself becoming the new captain. Strategically Dimpy accomplished the task.

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