BB8: Pritam Nominates ‘Guruji’ Puneet After Becoming The Captain?

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Prior the elimination of recent captain Reenee Dhyani, the day 71th of Bigg Boss 8 house kick started with the captaincy task. Praneet and Pritam where the two contestants completing for the position, eventually RJ Pritam got the upper hand and became the next captain.

Pritam Wins the Captaincy Task against Praneet

The voting for the captaincy task accomplished through the secret ballot, where all the contestant voted for Pritam and Praneet, who were nominated for captaincy position of the house by Reene. The other Bigg Boss 8 contestants of the house had to give the name of their choice along with a valid reason. With six votes against two votes, Pritam turned out to be the new captain.

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P3G Flouting; Now it’s Pritam & Praneet vs. Puneet and Gautam

Next to the captaincy task Bigg Boss instigated nomination task, the nominations where yet again quirky, were the Pritam the new captain was called inside the confession room. Pritam was asked to give five names which would be directly nominated for eviction.  Consequently Pritan took the names of Ali Quli Mirza, Dimpy Mahajan, Diandra Soares, Karishma Tanna, and the big coldcock Puneet Issar.

The contestants were allowed to see Pritam’s nominations straight from the confession room. Elimination of Puneet stunned everyone, including Puneet himself. Pritam nominated Praneet for the reason of influencing people.

Well this is certainly a big astound for P3G group, now it would be interesting to note, would the P3G, strongest group of the house break into two part?

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