Bigg Boss 8: Gautam and Upen Clash for House Captaincy

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Day 39th of Bigg Boss’s house kicked off with the song ‘Aaj Na Chodunga Tujhe’, setting the tone of the day, as latter Bigg Boss announced a captaincy task named Aaj Na Chodunga Tujhe!!

Gautam Gulati, First to Volunteered his Name for The Captaincy

Bigg Boss asked the contestants to volunteer their name for the position of captain, with a justifiable reason. Consequently Gautam Gulati volunteered his name at the outset letter then the contestants had chosen Upen against Gautam.

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Bigg-Boss-8-day39 episode

The ‘Aaj Na Chodunga Tujhe’ task between Upen and Gautam required them to compete against each other for the captaincy position. Both the opponents had to choose two contenders in their support subsequently Upen head for Aarya and Ali where Gautam elected Puneet and Pritam.

Upen, Turn Out to be The Captain

The task required both Upen and Gautam to stick harder to their respective poles, whilst the other elected contenders had to drag them off. After great efforts from both the sides, finally Upen Patel won the task and announced as the captain of the house.