Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Trying To Boss around the Other Inmates

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Bigg Boss’s house appears gearing up for fights with the entry of the new contestant and Captain Ali Quli. Ever since his appointment as the captain of the house Ali is spotted as a troublemaker.  The episode of 17th Oct also started with Alia’s bossy outlook towards the contestants intended for day-to-day tasks.

Judgement Day, task

Later, Bigg Boss announced a task titled ‘Judgment Day’, which required Ali to talk to the contestants, formerly taking the decision of punishing one housemate, on the contrary granting a wish of one of the other housemate. As a result of the task Alia putted forward the name of Upen, for granting a wish while chosen Karishma for the punishment.

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Alia and Diandra’s fight

bigg boss 8

Around the evening, Alia picked up a fight with Diandra, over a small issue. Where Ali was seen trying to throw attitude and dominate Diandra enchanting that he is the captain of the house and everyone has to follow him, on the other hand Diandra was seen refusing to do so.

Well watching this all we can say that, the singer turned captain of the glass walled house, is going to give a lot of ingredients and drama to the show in the upcoming episodes!!