Bigg Boss 8 Ep-37: Ali Quli Mirza Punished for Touching Sonali

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It seems every since his entry inside the Bigg Boss 8 house, Ali Quli Mirza has become controversy’s favorite child!! After recently abiding Praneet’s outburst, Ali Quli is once again in the middle of a new controversy.

Sonali lashed out at Ali for inappropriately touching her

Late in the night, Sonali Raut and Upen were seen lying on the bed becoming a bit cozy, at one fell swoop Ali joined the duo and touched Sonali under the blanket, supposedly by the intention of playing a joke. Soon Sonali reacted on the Dubai based singer’s act and jumped out her throat at him, offending his elfin action.

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Sonali got so much angry with Ali’s so called prank that she instantly kicked Ali on his chest and shouted on him that he dare not do such things again or else he would get slapped.

Bigg Boss 8 Ep37-Ali-Sonali

However Ali tried clarifying his intentions, that it was just a prank and not done by any ill intent, but Sonali denied all his explanations saying that, they are not such good friends, so that he can play a prank on her.

Castigation for Ali from Bigg Boss

Afterwards the other contestants of the house also supported Sonali over the matter as a consequence of which Alia got a harsh punishment by Bigg Boss…

As per Bigg Boss’s punishment, Ali was discharged from his captaincy and even mandated for not being the captain of the house ever again and also gets nominated for the upcoming week.