Bigg Boss 8: Praneet Drags Ali over the Coals for His Nomination

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After an intense weekend episode of eviction contestants were just trying to lighten up themselves, when Bigg Boss 8 once again on Monday shaken the glass walled house with the announcement of nominations.

Nomination stirred a whole new controversy inside the house. Have a look what happened during the nomination!

Bigg Boss’s nominations, Alia’s vexation

On account of Bigg Boss’s nomination procedure, Puneet, Gautam and Minissha got nominated for next week’s elimination.  The twist came when Bigg Boss empowered Ali for nominating two contestants who will accompany the other three nominated contestants in the eviction.

Bigg Boss 8-Minissha Lamba

Praneet took Ali’s class, after nomination

Baffled Ali took the names of Sonali and Preetam at first, which he later changed to Sonali and Praneet. Work was the reason which Ali gave to Bigg Boss for the nominating of both the contestants.

Praneet Bhatt hauled Alia over the coals, because of his nomination over the reason of household work. Praneet was seen stretching the matter, which other contestants of the house like Sushant thought, was a frustration of getting nominated.