Bigg Boss 8: Gautam and Praneet the New Slaves in New House

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What happened in 10th day of Bigg Boss’s 8

The 10th day of Bigg Boss’s house brought a whole lot of excitement over and above small clashes for the inmates. After the 2 days lasting off-putting ‘highjack’ task finally the winner team got to enter the new house. The day started with the feeling of umbrage for one team and glee for the other. With Bigg Boss’s announcement where Deepshikha’s team entered the plush Bigg Boss house, on the contrary the other team proceeded with their cleaning job in the aircraft house.

The winner contestants Karishma, Daindra and Sushant and other looked enthralled to explore every corner and cranny of the grand house. The losing team seemed disappointed; moreover Sukirti and Sony railed against Karishma Tanna’s unappreciative attitude.  The highlight was, Bigg Boss announcement allowing Pritam’s team to enter the new house, but as a slave to the winning team, until the next task.

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Gautam Gulati

Well that wasn’t all! More shocking part is yet to come; Bigg Boss permitted Pritam’s team to enter the house on a stipulation to give the name of two contestants who will become the permanent slave of the house. Consequently, after a long debate Pritam’s team decided to give the names of Gautam and Praneet for being the permanent slaves!!

Praneet Bhatt

As per now, while Pritam’s whole team is salve to the winning team together with two permanent slaves, it would be really interesting to see how Deepshikha’ team will boss around and treat their slaves??