Try These 7 Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles That are Trend Setters

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Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor knows very well how to make an outfit look more graceful and elegant. Sonam is always on the headlines of the journals just because of her fresh and modern styles each time. Undoubtedly she is an amazing actress with so perfect looks and you cannot miss her new experiments in fashion.

Not only Sonam Kapoor dresses became the highlight of her fashion but her way of donning the outfit is what everyone likes about her much. She loves to do experiment with styling outfits, her hairdo are also a major highlight that went noticed all the time.

We have spotted Sonam Kapoor in various designer outfits like Saree, evening gown, long skirts etc but what is COMMON in all…any Guesses? Yes, absolutely, she carries her outfit with CONFIDENCE and what that makes anything look more elegant on her.


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In every eve the Saawariya actress is spotted in different hairstyles. Sonam Kapoor hairstyle creates a new trend amongst the youngsters and is inspired by many. We agree, sometimes her style get a little offbeat, but then her confident look ignore her bad choice.

It seems that Sonam Kapoor is one of the girls that never feel shy trying something new. It is really admirable how Sonam Kapoor experiments her hairstyle, her outfits and that too with full on bang. She has been clicked in loose hairs, open curls, with a pouf, the messy bun, sleek hairs and other number of styles.

Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles that Are Clicked Beautifully

Two Buns

Sonam Kapoor is looking a bit bold and reserved in this hairstyle. Two mini buns and the dark shade of lipstick are all set for a party look. The makeup is done by Mitalivakil and the outfit is styled by Shehlaakhan.

Flowery Hairs


Wow! Sonam Kapoor hairstyles look absolutely amazing and unique. We have seen many flowery hairstyles but locking them perfectly and styling them elegantly into one is not seen by many.

Pouf Hairstyle

Amazing it is! How she manages to look every time sooo chic and beautiful? We too are looking for the answer. This pouf hairstyle has been sported by many of B-town divas but still no match is found who can compete with Sonam Kapoor in styling.


Pony Tail

Simple and high pony tails are sported by many of the divas, but here also Sonam Kapoor hairstylist has given some twist to her hairdo. To give her some cool look the ponytail was pinned at the back.

Multiple Dutch Braids

Multiple Dutch braids is a kind of hairstyles that you can choose for any wedding occasion. It seems that her hairstylist was playing a braid game strong.

Retro Look

Bollywood diva is often spotted donning traditional outfits in occasion and sporting a retro look completely fairs the choice. Sonam Kapoor hairstyle as of retro look you can tick for any traditional day.



Low Bun

Might be you are thinking low bun is for aunties but see even Sonam Kapoor didn’t felt shy sporting low bun. Here it is a proof that even if styling is done well, simplest hairstyles can look cool and awesome.


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