Top 8 Songs of Hardy Sandhu that You Should Add in Your Playlist

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Hardy Sandhu is a popular Indian singer and a Punjabi actor. He got huge attention from his release “Soch” in the year 2013. His singing skills are commendable but his acting is also much loved by his fans.

Yaaran Da Katchup is hardy’s fir Punjabi Debut film. For this film, he was also nominated for  best debut male.

Hardy Sandhu has released a number of tracks and almost each of his tracks has some uniqueness in it. He is a multitalented man who has also played cricket in his early days.

Very few of his fans know that before stepping in the music industry he started his career as a Cricketer. He played for Punjab as a right arm fast bowler but sadly he got injured very badly and later on he had to quit Cricket.

Here is the List of Top 8 Best Songs Of Hardy Sandhu


Soch was released in 2013. This is the most popular track of Hardy Sandhu and got several Awards viz – Punjabi Music Best Music Video Award, Most Romantic Ballad of the year and others. The song also got attention when Bollywood film Airlift starring Akshay Kumar’s song “Soch Na Sake” was praised by the audience as it has similar music and lyrics that of Hardy Sandhu SOCH.

Main Pyaar Ton Vadh Tainu Pyaar Karaan

Tainu Sajjda Sohne Lakh Waar Karaan

Main Pyaar Ton Vadh Tainu Pyaar Karaan

Tainu Sajjda Sohne Lakh Waar Karaan

Je Din Nu Keh Dein Tu Raat Maahi

Ve Main Raat Samajh Aitbaar Karaan…..

Tequila Shot

Tequila Shot is another Punjabi Track that got millions of views on YouTube. The lyrics of the song were penned by Manu Goraya.

Lyrics of Tequila Shot –

Ho vich club de nachdi ne, ni agg wangra machdi ne

Pab beat te chakdi ne, ni aweseom awesome jachdi ne

Tedhi akh naal takkdi ne haye poora keeta loat.

Kar gayi talli, talli, ni teri akh tequila shot.

Kar gayi talli, talli, ni teri akh tequila shot.

Kudi Tu Pataka

Kudi Tu Pataka is such a classy song. It has the dancing Punjabi tunes and awesome lyrics. Video of the song is too good that want every boy to view it more and more.

Kudi Tu Pataka Dil Ch Dhamaka  Tennu Pattne Layi Asi Laya Ajj Naaka  Han Door Jo Kahri Hai O Ta Meri FullJhadi Dekhi Yaaran Da Tashan Vaar Jaana Nahio Khali  Chiti Jahi Kabootri Te Akh Hai Tikaali  Jinne Fasa Layi Ohdi Eh Diwali

Aashqui Te Loan

Aashiqui Te Loan song of Hardy Sandhu was released in 2013. The song revolves around the tantrums of girls that want expensive things and stuffs so boy demands for Aashiqui Loan. It is really very funny…

bhaldi mashooq vaddi car jaib vich nale note char munda shopping krave bhaaldi ohnu khabar na mere haal di ajj kehndi mainu jaan sun meree arman mainu hun iphone chahida sanu aashqi te loan chahida sanu ashiqa nu loan chahida


Saah is the latest track released in March 2016 by Hardy Sandhu. Saah is at top in the list of Hardy Sandhu top 8 songs. The lyric of the song is penned by Koki Deep and the music is given by Pav Dharia.

Meri nas nas de vich rom rom vich Tera pyar te teri khich Meri nas nas de vich rom rom vich Tera pyar te teri khich


Naa Ji Naa

Naa Ji Naa is the romantic track that was out in 2015. The lyric is penned down by Jaani and the music is given by B Praak.

Tussi chhaddo na ji dil Tuhanu chhad ke ni jaande Raho be-khauf zindagi ‘cho Kad ke ni jaande (x2)

Na ji na.. Naa naa naa… Naa naa aa.. Ainve ankhiyan na bhar lena


Horn Blow

T-series has presented Horn Blow by Hardy Sandhu in April 2016.

Kati fati jean paake

Brown Ray-Ban laake

Gali teri gedi maare

Woofer chala ke


Joker song of Hardy Sandhu got excellent reviews by his fans. It is very touchy song and the picturization of the song is too awesome.

Tu keha hass Main hansda reha Tu keha nach Main nachda reha (x2)

Tu kahe main tenu rounda changa lagda Tere samne angariyan te machda riha Tere teeran jehe supne oh poore kar kar ke Khaaban meriyan di khaali tarkash ho gayi