Beiimaan Love Movie Review: A Love And Dhoka Film Of Sunny Leone

Just when the anti-smoking advertisement ends, Sunny Leone directly looks to your face. The screen is covered by her tight close ups. Beiimaan Love is a zero star film with Sunny’s limited acting skills.

beiimaan love movie review

Beiimaan Love Review

There are two noticeable things in Beiimaan Love.

First, Sunny Leone for the first time has shown emotions with shades of grey but there were scenes for the satisfaction of Sunny Leone’s fans. The lyrics of a song also go like, “Mere peeche, mere peeche, mere peeche Hindustan hai.”

Secondly, despite several love making scenes between the actors, Rajneesh Duggal and Sunny Leone never make a lip lock. Since the camera always tracks a close up of Leone and her body shapes, it becomes essential for the leading man to keep up his six pack abs.

The writer, director and producer Rajeev Chaudhary’s love drama Beiimaan Love is all about vengeance.

The Plot

Sunaina Verma (Sunny Leone) is a pure businesswoman who has achieved great heights in her work. Raj Malhotra (Rajneesh Duggal), her competitor has lost another contract out of her shrewd strategies. They have a history together which can be clearly understood from a song where the singers are dancing with Sunny Leone.

The lost lovers have pledged to destroy each other. But they still carry feelings for each other.

The drunk and philandering heir of the jewellery business Raj Malhotra wants to take revenge from Sunaina Verma who had humiliated her in public by slapping. Raj forces himself on Sunaina and could not accept her rejection. He promises his friends to bring her to his bedroom in 10 days.

beiimaan love movie review

Raj says, if she is an MBA in marketing, I am double MBA in love. He motions a plan to trap and seduce Sunaina. Unsuspectingly, Sunaina and Raj truly fall in love for each other. So much that when Sunny returns in her tightest short dress in six inch heels from a long tiring day in the office, they can’t control over their emotions.

However, the plot twists. The path of love is littered by some characters. One amongst them being Raj’s voluptuous fiancée.

The final question comes who wins this game of heartbreak and deception?

A statement appears after the last scene ends on screen

“Never take a woman for granted”

May be Sunny wins the game or changes Raj’s heart.

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Credits shall be given to Sunny Leone’s dubbing artist who has brought authenticity to her character and Rajeev Chaudhary for casting Sunny Leone for this role of shrewd marketing MBA and women entrepreneur, which is against her type.

Sunny Leone has limited acting skills but she is sincere with her work. A homely daughter or a savvy business woman or a girl deeply drowned in love, Sunny Leone tries her best. Even Rajneesh Duggal postures well and brings a little depth to his part.

The film marks the acting debut of Daniel Weber, Ziesha Nandy and Rajiv Verma.

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