Diandra Sores Re-Entering BB8 to Confess her Love for Gautam?

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Sneak Peek of the next episode of Bigg Boss 8 showed that there is yet many more to come towards the end of the show! Diandra Sores, the ex-contestant of the house is set to enter the house today.

Well Diandra who once made headlines down to her washroom kiss gift for Gautam Gulati, would be seen confessing her emotion for him in the up-next episode of Bigg Boss. Let’s see what Diandra Sores have in store for Gautam to this time?

Ajaz Khan the New Tourist Guide of Bigg Boss 8

Ek number maanas Ajaz Khan became the first ex-contestant to ender the Bigg Boss 8 house as a part of the much-buzzed twist of the show. Ajaz’s entry left the contestants in befuddlement, threatening them about the mystery behind his ingression.

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Bigg Boss 8-Ajaz Khan

The luxury budget task titled ‘Freeze-Release’ offered a golden opportunity to Bigg Boss 7 contestant Ajaz Khan for irking the inmates of the house. As per the task, contestants were asked to freeze with Bigg Boss’s edict, on the contrary Ajaz was given the liberty to compel the contestant in order to make them move from their stationary position.

Frozen Puneet Issar Burst into Tears Seeing his Wife

With the initiation of the task, alumnus Ajaz Khan was seen irking Karishma Tanna and other contestants in order to make them move. With every freeze commandment of Bigg Boss Ajaz putted everyone’s back up in unconventional ways, even becoming the guide of tourists outside who came to get a glimpse of the glass walled house.

Bigg Boss 8 Contestants-Puneet Issar

Later then the entry of clown inside the house became another snag for the contestants as the over-enthusiast clown smashed cake on the faces of the contestants who were abide to their places. With the next commandment of Bigg Boss, Puneet Issar’s wife Deepali Issar was seen entering the house, which made Puneet to burst into tears.

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