OMG! Bigg Boss8: Diandra and Gautam Together Inside a Room

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In resent Bigg Boss 8 episodes, Diandra Soares is taking Gautam Gulati inside the bathroom and locking the door. As we already know Diandra’s heart has a soft corner for Gautam, also strong bonding between the two Bigg Boss 8 contestants and they both share the same bed.

But then it's a matter of knowing what they were doing in the bathroom so the fans and look forward to seeing the next episodes of Big Boss 8.

Big Boss 8: Diandra Soares’s Romantic Gift to Gautam

As we know Gautam and Diandra is very famous with their lovely romance on the Colors TV show, yet we understand very well that, in the various episodes of Bigg Boss 8.  We saw them arguing with each other in a very dirty way.  Gautam’s details were also exposed  in a channel watching.

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On 27 November, Gautam wanted to celebrate his birthday with rocking manner by cutting the cake with his contestants in the party. Gautam feeding cake to Diandra as well as both the fun and the dance party that lasted much time.

The next day, Diandra towing Gautam taken into the bathroom and Gautam, who kept saying he is not scared, was seen enjoying the gift Diandra gave him behind the closed bathroom doors.

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