Baywatch Trailer 2 Features More F Bombs, Sexy Priyanka & Zac Efron

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Last morning the global icon Priyanka Chopra has made the headlines as of her looks in the Golden Globes 2017, now it seems that the diva did the same last evening just after the launch of the second trailer of her upcoming Hollywood release Baywatch.

The International Baywatch Trailer is all about some F - Bombs, sexy Priyanka Chopra, shirtless Zac Efron and some self -referential jokes. The action - packed trailer stars Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, Kelly Rohrbach, while in just a show of 7 seconds PeeCee has nailed the character to her best. With the notable uptick in dirty words, the trailer also showed some detailed about the R- Rated comedy.

The Latest Trailer is All About Massive Explosions and Fight Scenes!

You won’t believe the actual price of the Baywatch ticket is $17.50 in New York City. But after watching the trailer it seems worth paying this much amount for the movie. What you think? This latest trailer shows heavier on action and a bunch of attractive people than anything to laugh on.

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For those who were disappointed in the first trailer with just a blink of Priyanka in the teaser and compared it with Deepika’s XXX trailer, in the latest trailer you won’t be feel upset as the first trailer was just a kind of warm up to the main plot.

In any case both Mitch (The Rock) and Matt (Zac Efron) will butt heads, as they both are strong dudes, but only one of them is an Olympic athlete. Let’s don’t just plot the story of our own. This bro ocean and both the sexiest babes will leave us more excited in the film.

Can’t wait to watch all the 4 power pack stars together on the screens on May 26, 2017.

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