5 Bollywood Banned Movies Which were not Liked by Pakistan

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Be it politics, cricket matches or even a silly chat issue, the words and the reveries of Pakistan and India can never be the same. The disputes and the brawls between the two countries sometimes sense that a pain that will not be recover at any cost.

However, some or the other times if entertaining industry try to link the cuts, the number of bullshits of reason welcome again the fuss. So here we are listing the number of Bollywood Banned Movies that were not allowed to be screened in Pakistan.

List of Bollywood Banned Movies – Did You Watched?

  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag:

The film purposely did not painted the bright image of Pakistan as it showed the irked partition of the countries and also the one dialogue of the film which was said by Farhan Akhtar "Mujhse nahin hoga. Mein Pakistan nahin jaaunga", depicted the Pakistan’s bad image all around and censor boards felt that the lines did not show the reputable image of Pakistan and the film was Ban in Pakistan.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Can you just imagine a single dialogue can create this bull trouble?

  • Raanjhanaa:

The script of the story revolved around the love story of a Hindu guy and a Muslim girl. The movie earned a good response in India but again the censor board of Pakistan was not happy about the story that a Muslim girl falls in love with two Hindu boys.


 Ohh!! This can’t be the point to ban the film.

  • The Dirty Picture:

Just because of some bold scenes and vulgar dialogues Pakistani censor board didn’t welcomed the movie to go on big screens. Even the movie was released with ‘A’ certificate, Pakistan banned this film.

The Dirty Picture

 It seems that Pakistan is not grown up or Pak is trying to prove the innocent one?

Khiladi 786:

Khiladi 786 did you figure out the Muslim figures 786 on the title of the film? Yes, the censor board of Pakistan felt wrong to add on their hallowed numerals in the comedy film, resulting in the no-no of the film in Pakistan.

Khiladi 786

The number 786 in the film title would have possibly increased its significance in the Muslim community if the film wouldn't have gotten banned. Right?

  • Tere Bin Laden:

The censor board of Pakistan felt the film could give zealots dishonest ideas and could point towards many disorders and turmoil’s also they were not too much happy from the dialogues and offensive remarks. Hence Tere Bin Laden was another film in the list of Bollywood Banned Movies.

Tere Bin Laden


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