'Baby’ (2015) Movie Review

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‘Special 26’ and ‘A Wednesday’ fame Neeraj Pandey’s recent release ‘Baby’ gyrates around terrorism. ‘Baby’ is a story of an Indian counter-intelligence officer, Rakesh and his scuffle to eradicate terrorism from the country.

Baby Movie Review: A Recommended Must Watch For This Weekend!

‘Baby’ implies the name of an undercover unit in the film, which is formed with the aim of rooting out terrorism from the country. Starring Akshay in a rough and rugged look, the film features Akki heading the team of special officers formed post 26/11 attacks. The film depicts Rakesh’s hunt for terrorists which at a point appears as a piece of pie for our Action Hero.

In spite of being its first day of release, the film is getting good responses from the fans and critics as well. Bollywood has also appreciated Neeraj on his yet another noteworthy endeavor. The action and drama blended with a nip of humor makes the film an pleasurable weekend treat for the viewers.

Director Neeraj Pandey Victorious Venture ‘Baby’

With third hit in a row, Neeraj Pandey has managed to complete a hetrick with ‘Baby’ post ‘Special 26’ and ‘A Wednesday’, both of which were striking flicks. Produced by Cape of Good Films and Crouching Tiger, the film also features Taapse Pannu, Danny Denzonga, Madhurina Tuli, Mikaal Zulfiqar in key roles.


All the actors seem justifying their roles to a great extend contrarily Akshay Kumar has done a splendid job. All in all Baby is a must watch film of Khildi Kumar, after a long time though.