Babbars Vs Lambas Aggression, Inside Bigg Boss House

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Bigg Boss new task for luxury budget

The day 16th of Bigg Boss house brought a whole lot of hustle and bustle for the contestants. The contestants got divided into Babbars and Lambas for the luxury budget task, followed by which the house was on chaos for the whole day.

The aim of the task was to accomplish five task given by Bigg Boss so as to unite the so called lovers Upen and Sonali. The Babbar family leaded by Arya, was instructed to avert the couple from uniting on the contrary Lamba family leaded by Minisha was instructed to support them.

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The task soon turned into a battle feild and the contestants were seen getting physical during the task. As there were no instructions specified for the task by Bigg Boss thus some of the contestants got aggressive, and even damaged Bigg Boss house’s property. Deepshikha and Diandra even got hurt during the task.

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Well the contestants were seen bearing a lot of ups and downs in order to accomplish the task. As, the results of the task Babbars Vs Lambas is yet to be declared, it would be interesting to see the inmates step to the fore.