Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha Are the New B-Town Couple?

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The Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor and actress Sonakshi Sinha who are getting together for the film 'Tevar', yet scheduled for release, are apparently getting extremely close to each other. If sources have to be believed then Arjun and Sonakshi are in love with each other and currently dating each other.

The bollywood couple Arjun and Sonakshi secret outings!

Arjun and Sonakshi along with being neighbors had also been spotted at several movie dates together. Well this is not all! The alleged couple is even spotted spending time together on a secret holiday to Istanbul. The other thing which seals the deal about their alleged relationship is the affection of the actor’s sister towards the actress.

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Formerly when the actress was asked about her relationship status she replied, "I've completed 12 films in four years and for the last three years I've been working round-the-clock. I need some time to myself. I've been single too long, I would love to change that relationship status but I've just been too busy to find the right match,"

It seems that the young couple has spent a good time on the sets of their forthcoming project ‘Tevar’ and something is brewing between the duo, and yet they are managing to hide their relationship under the veil.